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FASHION FRIDAY: Fashion Week Trends

Fashion week is underway and here are just a few of the trends that are popping up on the catwalk that you can take straight off the runway and right into your closet.

Geometric Patterns. It seems as if patterns and art-deco type prints are the hit of this year’s fashion week as almost every designer showcased various bold prints and patterns. A very popular print that keeps reappearing are vibrant florals and wallpaper-esque designs. Wearing fun and bold prints can help you standout in a good way.

Leather. Leather was a staple that appeared in many designers’ collections and came in the form of blouses, skirts, shorts and leggings. Leather can add an edgy and fun look to any outfit. Even for those who aren’t too keen on leather or want a more animal friendly alternative, just look to faux leather pieces to add to your collection.

Lace. Raiding Grandma’s closet or attic might be a good idea with lace making a grand appearance at fashion week. Lace was a prominent piece shown throughout various collections, particularly lace in blacks, creams and nudes. Lace is a delicate looking fabric and can add an ethereal and sexy quality to any outfit.

Jeweled Tones & Crisp Whites. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of color on the runways as vibrant neon jeweled tones dominated. Amp up any outfit by pairing it with a jewel-toned piece like jeans, shorts, skirts or go out with a bang in a dress. And a bonus with this trend is minimal accessories required.

Another trend in color seemed to be all crisp white outfits from head to toe, which gives a level of sophistication and class. Give this look a try when you’re feeling

Elaborate Nails. One of the hottest trends being seen amongst models on the runway is elaborately and artfully designed nails with multi-tones, patterns, crystal and pearl embellishments. This trend lets you get creative and show your personality and can really spice up any outfit. If you don’t have the patience to get overly artistic or even if you feel like your skills are lacking, have no fear because you can just purchase appliques that go on in no time and give you the same effect.

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