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It’s SPRING! It’s the perfect season to be artistic and colorful. Show the world your creative side and demonstrate how imaginative you can be. This season bring your nails to life.

DIY is an awesome opportunity to bring out those creative skills. You don’t have to be an expert.

Just have fun! Mix pastel colors with darker hues. Create designs with rhinestones or glitter. Give florals or nude pearls a shot. There’s a palette of creations ready for you!

Complement your nails with your outfit. Take a color or pattern from your clothes and paint it on your nails. Short or long nails it doesn’t matter. Simply let them stand out and gather all the attention.

You are probably thinking it will take a long time? NO! Just take a few minutes and pamper yourself.

Need some instructions or inspiration? Check out these YouTube videos.

Collegiettes™ take your nails to a whole new level. You can start a trend. Enjoy the way people admire your creation. For extra fun, organize nail art parties and do your nails with your friends. Spring is the perfect season to develop a new skill. We can flourish just like flowers!

Shaking hands has never been more fashionable!


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From an early age Lucielle Salomon discovered her passion for the media. Becoming a media person has and is her goal in life. Energy, passion and laughter describe her. Having the opportunity to participate in different extracurricular events and becoming a professional model helped her become a confident and outgoing individual. Salomon considers herself as a person that embraces change due to her family relocating in different places over the years. Fashion is her passion. Further than clothes fashion is attitude and Salomon goes for it! Beyond her talent Lucielle always knew she had to follow her dream wherever it took her. “It does not matter what your dream is, it is what you do to accomplish it”. It’s a quote that is present in every decision she makes. Lucielle would love you profoundly, if you follow her on instagram/twitter: @luciellesalomon
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