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Fashion Friday: Be More Fashion Aware


When a consumer makes a choice about where to buy their products, it’s more than just the decision that something is cute, and would look oh-so-adorable on you. Some fashion companies are great, and make responsible decisions regarding production, environmental factors, and consumer satisfaction. Others, not so much.

It’s also up to us, the consumers, to make the right choices. If you spend just a little time looking there are a ton of wonderful companies that are pure in their intentions to influence society in a positive way through their individual campaigns. Many are familiar with TOMs campaign to donate a pair of shoes for every pair bought. Let’s take a look at another wonderful fashion forward company, Haiku.


When buying your bags, wallets, totes, purses, etc. you want something that is reliable, cute, compact and easy to organize.  The next time you plan on investing in an adorable clutch or an overnight bag, take a look at Haiku bags.  Haiku bags are made from 100% cyclePET materials.  What is cyclePET?  It’s a durable polyester fabric that is made from recycled water bottles.  That water bottle you bought from the vending machine a couple years back could potentially be turned into a handbag.



Haiku is a wonderful company with great intentions. Water bottles fill landfills, and don’t break down for many years. By turning the water bottles into a fabric to make durable and sturdy handbags, Haiku supports the cyclePET industry that diverts thousands of water bottles every year from the landfill. I only own one Haiku bag at the moment, but from personal experience I have found my bag to be versatile with different outfits I wear, as well as being extremely well made.  

The bags might be a little more than what you would normally spend, but when looking at cost consider how much longer it will last you than a cheap inexpensive bag. Also, think about how you will be supporting a company with a truly environmental mission statement. They often have sales and promo codes, so be on the lookout, collegiettes™!

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