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Disney Raises Ticket and Parking Prices

On February 11, 2018, The Walt Disney Co. announced a price increase for daily tickets, annual passes and parking at their Orlando and California resorts.


The price increase is not a new trend as this is the 30th year the company has raised their prices, according to The Motley Fool. February has served as the month for price increases over the last five years and it is anticipated that Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood will issue a price increase in the coming weeks as well.

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In 2016, Disney issued a three-tier ticket system based on the season in which guests were looking to purchase ticket packages. Value, regular and peak season ticket prices were put in place with prices increasing, respectively. Prices also vary regarding Florida resident rates, which of the park’s guests are visiting and if a park hopper ticket is purchased.


Looking at the 2018 prices, Florida residents visiting the Magic Kingdom will now see a price of $109, $119 and $129 for each of the ticket seasons. This is a $2, $4 and $5 increase from the 2017 prices. Florida resident annual pass price increases are as follows: silver passes rose from $419 to $439 and gold passes from $559 to $589.

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For some avid Disney-goers, this change in payment is not enough to deter them from continuing to visit the parks. In Walt Disney World Resort passholder Facebook groups, many say the extra $20 toward a silver pass almost covers a day of parking, which rose from $20 to $22 this year. As often as some passholders visit the resort, this extra fee seems reasonable.


“The price goes up every year, as it does for most things,” said Beth Meinholdt, a Walt Disney World annual passholder. “When you consider that you can go anytime you want (if you get no block out dates), free parking, merchandise discounts, food discounts (at certain restaurants), discounts on resorts most of the time, plus the joy of being at Disney, I’d say it’s worth the cost if you go more than seven days in a year. I won’t be giving up my passes.”


However, other passholders view the constant price increase as a reason to forgo renewal. Sarah Gorfinkel, a Walt Disney World annual passholder for two years, has found the continual rise hard to justify.


“On the next round of renewing I probably will buy it,” said Sarah Gorfinkel, a Walt Disney World annual passholder. “But if this continues, Disney may lose some business.”

Photo: Tea Piro


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