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Deni Brave

Deni Brave
Applied Science Major

Every woman wants a strong man, but what about a brave man? Deni Brave is one who takes risks for success. His courage is admirable as he does anything to fulfill his goals and to add on to his accomplishments, practically having his career set. You may see him working with Bulls Radio, working at the Marshall Center, working at the Sun Dome, or walking with a celebrity! Ladies, keep your eyes open for this ambitious one and approach him before he hits television!

Where are you from? “Pompano Beach, Florida.”

Post-graduation plans? “Physical therapy school in Los Angles while working for AEG Digital Media.”

What company do you work for? “I am the co-owner of KDL Production.”

Tell me a little more about it. “KDL Production is a multimedia company that focuses on the areas of photography, video production & live video production, music entertainment and management. KDL Production’s staff has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry from P.Diddy to Ace Hood. It’s main office is located in Ft Lauderdale, FL, with a sub-division in Tampa, FL.”

What other services does your company offer? “KDL Production provides studio rental service to photographers & videographers in the Tampa Bay area for a small fee.”

What is your style? “My style of photography & videography are emotional. I pride myself on capturing the moments of enjoyment, laughter, pain, anger and excitement. My goal is to capture what the client may feel at a given time.”

Hobbies? “My hobbies are writing songs and learning more about technology in the world.”

Favorite quote? “Greatness is only reached by the effort you put in to not fail.”

Describe yourself in three words: “Humble, brave, and determined.”

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