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Dear World, My Blackness Is Only A Weapon For Greatness

I look at the color of my skin, my gender. I ask myself if I have a purpose with the world. Am I meant to be a statistic? Am I meant to be another victim? Who am I meant to be? I ask
myself, what in the world am I doing here? I then look at my ancestors and find the answers. And yet, I noticed how my foundation of strong black women are erased by things such as racism, injustice, and stereotypes. I ask myself again: what am I doing here?

Recently I questioned: “Why even try?”

woman wearing a white dress and jewelry
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As a black woman, you might think you know me. You might know the stereotypes and entertainment, and you assume that’s who I am. But allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Donasia Harry. I am a USF student who is majoring in English with Literary Concentration. I am the next Maya Angelou because I am willing to let the caged bird free. I am the next Langston Hughes because I will be the head of my table. I am a black woman, whose skin color is a weapon for greatness.

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So now that you know who I am, there are things I ask of you. I ask that you come to me with respect. I ask that you talk to me because I am a human being. I ask that you do not assume my character because of the color of my skin. If you think these are too many standards then I ask that you greet me, and move forward with your amazing life.

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"Everything attach to me wins" Proverbs 31:25-26
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