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A Day at Clearwater Beach

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, one of which is in Clearwater, Florida. A 45-minute drive from the USF campus is worth it when you are relaxing on the white sand with the clear waters right in front of you. You can rent a banana boat or a jet ski or just take a dip in the cool ocean
as a break from the Florida sun. There are multiple volleyball nets set up as well so grab a group of friends and have some fun! At night, enjoy the cool breeze and the sunset. To have the ultimate beach experience, start a bonfire as you and your friends relax in the evening time.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Ibrahim

The downtown area itself that surrounds the beach has its own rich culture that makes for the perfect beach town. The Clearwater Beach Island area has many vibrant buildings that add to the beauty if this small beach town. Ice cream from Ice & Cream Creamery is a must. After relaxing and getting that tan, take a break to cool down and eat some amazing ice cream. There are so many flavors so there is sure to be an option for everyone.

Photo Courtesy of Pratiksha Sharma

Photo Courtesy of Pratiksha Sharma

To the end the evening, you can enjoy a bike ride through the town. The town has niches everywhere. Whether that be in some of its eateries, or small antique shops that are perfect to stop by, stopping by the beach again is always a perfect way to end the day.

The beauty of Florida weather is that it never gets too cold to stop by the beach.

Photo Courtesy of Pratiksha Sharma

Photo Courtesy of Grace Boehlke

Hi! My name is Pratiksha and I'm a first year at the University of South Florida. I from California, I love jamming to music, and going out and exploring new places.
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