Coconut Oil Uses: Let me Count the Ways!


Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products on the market today.  The range of uses is truly spectacular.  A bottle of coconut costs around $6 (depending on the size of course).  While there are different types of coconut oil, it is a good rule to follow that organic coconut oil is the optimal choice for most options.


So maybe you’ve heard a lot about coconut oil, but aren’t exactly sure where to start?  There are a ton of different options.  Here we break it down for you in two categories: food and beauty.




Cooking Spray Substitute

Coconut oil actually comes as a solid, and so a small amount of coconut oil will melt in a pan just like butter would.  However, coconut oil is a far healthier alternative to butter, margarine, or cooking spray.  


Coffee Creamer

While I have not yet mastered the use of coconut oil in coffee, I know many who use it instead of milk or creamer.  The nutritional benefits of coconut oil are many, and this is an easy way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet.




Shaving Cream

This was actually the first way in which I used coconut oil.  Make sure your legs are wet and then take about a tablespoon or so of coconut oil to spread around evenly.  Shave away!



Coconut oil goes a long way in terms of moisturizer.  A dime sized amount is enough to moisturize my legs, which I do after shaving.  Coconut oil quickly and deeply moisturizes, as long as the appropriate amount is used.  Be sure not to use too much coconut oil, as your skin will then become oily.  A little goes a long way.



Are you looking for a deep conditioning treatment that keeps your hair shiny and smooth?  Coconut oil.  Again, a little goes a long way.  Recommendations are hard to make since everyone has different hair lengths and types.  I would suggest a quarter sized amount, combed through dry hair or lightly spritzed hair.  It is important to leave the coconut oil in your hair for at least one hour, or even up to overnight (sleep with a towel over your pillow!).


Make up Remover

A small cotton round and a pea sized amount of coconut oil removes the strongest waterproof mascara.  As a make up remover, coconut oil works best for eye make up.


One tip for newbie coconut oil users is to divide up or purchase two separate bottles if you plan on utilizing coconut oil for both cooking and beauty.  Don’t want those too mixed up!  As well, if you’ve read through all of these uses and am thinking you don’t want to smell like coconuts - fear not! There is no scent of coconuts in the coconut oil.  You can enjoy the many many uses of coconut oil! Send us your ideas and ways YOU use coconut oil every day, we would love to hear from you, collegiates!