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Cara Storch

Cara Storch


Psychology Major

Dance Minor

This 22 year-old student lives to dance and dances to live. Cara is from Long Island, New York and has lived in Florida for 3 years. She first came down to Florida for a Disney audition in Philadelphia for the entertainment department in the Disney College Program. She was accepted into the program and stayed in Florida for 4 months. After the program finished she went home to Long Island but really wanted to come back. She eventually went to Valencia College in Central Florida and got her Associates Degree, then she transferred to USF’s dance program.

Cara has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Although she loves ballet, her heart lies in hip-hop.She is a hip-hop fanatic with a special interest in tap.

I asked her a couple questions regarding school:

Question: If you love dance so much, why didn’t major it in?

Answer: “I was a major, but when I transferred here I realized I would be done with psychology way sooner than I would be done with dance. I was ready to graduate after 5 years not 6. When I did psychology I saw that I could get my masters in Dance and Movement Therapy.”

Question: Are you satisfied with your decision to transfer to USF?

Answer: “Yes, I love this school. I kinda think I focused too much on my minor. Is that bad?”

Question: Do you engage in any other extracurricular activities?

Answer: “I was, for a semester, in a service fraternity. But I was too overwhelmed by school and work. Driving to Disney every weekend to work was too much.”

Question: What is your plan after you graduate?

Answer: “I am gonna work at Disney for 2 years and save a ton of money for grad school. After that, I am either going to a school in Brooklyn or Boston for my master’s. Then I am getting married and living happily ever after.

Question: Do you have a potential love interest?

Answer: “Yes, I do. Right now I am dating someone, who actually lives in Hungary. He is coming for the next 5 months, thank goodness. It’s about time!”

Question: Do you have any special plans for the next 5 months?

Answer: “So, he’s staying with me in Florida until the end of May. And then were driving to New York to meet my family and he is meeting everyone for the first time. Then we are going to Niagara Falls and then we’re headed to work at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. I will be a dance specialist and he will be a recreational specialist. After camp is over we are driving across country, our final stop being Disneyland in California. Then we will fly back to New York and then back down to Florida. I am going to Hungary from January to February.”

It looks like Cara has made some awesome choices regarding her schoolwork and her future plans look promising. Thanks for the talk Cara, I enjoyed getting to know more about you! We wish you the best of luck from your last weeks here at USF and the awesome next year you will have as a full-time employee at Disney.


Ashley Harnish is an Alumna of the University of South Florida. She graduated May of 2016 with her Bachelors in Dance Studies and minor in mass communications. Ashley is a former Editor's Assistant for Her Campus at USF. Even though she has be dancing since was just three years young, she loves it more everyday. Writing is another passion of hers, especially on her blog http://ashleycamille24.wordpress.com/. Her favorite show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S and one day she hopes to travel the entire world while writing about her experiences in each dance community.
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