Cannabis Based Beauty: TLC Minus the THC

Marijuana is a topic that is frequently in the headlines. The legality of marijuana is an issue because of THC, the component in the substance that produces a “high” or sense of euphoria. CBD, on the other hand, provides relief for pain and anxiety because it does not cause users to become high, although it is reported that CBD can cause a relaxed state. CBD is legal in almost every state.

CBD and similar products are found in the form of oil, edibles, such as gummies, and more recently, beauty products.

This latest trend of beauty is all about reducing the stigma surrounding cannabis and its beneficial qualities.

Photo courtesy of Allure

A key brand producing cannabis oil products is Milk. Milk changed the beauty game by launching their Kush High Volume Mascara. Their mascara holds hydrating, conditioning, and thickening benefits for your lashes. Similarly, Milk also has a Kush Fiber Brow Gel, a tinted, vegan brow gel with cannabis oil for fullness, shaping, and defining your brows.

Photo courtesy of Sephora

Recently, Origins launched a new, green mask: Hello, Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. The brand describes the mask as hydrating and relaxing. This mask is made from cannabis sativa oil from hemp, but again it is referred to as a cannabis mask to reduce stigma. An emphasis on the packaging is that it is not-intoxicating. I recently used the mask, made a few Shrek jokes, and later enjoyed hydrated, less-red skin. Photo courtesy of NotPot

Although it is not considered a beauty product, another millennial-targeted brand is Not Pot, a company that produces CBD-based snacks. Their sole product is their 30 day of supply of chocolates. The CBD-rich hemp oil provides relaxation via 5mg of full-spectrum hemp per chocolate heart. Coming soon from the brand are gummies!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new Herbivore Botanicals product including cannabis sativa seed.

CBD/Hemp beauty products are all the rage, so expect to see many more in coming months.