Campus Cutie: Arielle Baird

Name: Arielle Baird


Age: 20


Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Major: Junior in Hospitality Management


HC: Single or Taken?

A: Taken

HC: Fun Fact:

A: I’m a founding member of Sigma Kappa here at USF!


HC: Favorite Hobbies:

A: I absolutely love cooking and baking. It’s the reason I chose this major! I also really like to spend time outdoors and go to the beach.

HC: Favorite Sport:

A: I like to play Volleyball and watch Football


HC: Favorite thing to binge watch:

A: South park!


HC: Favorite thing:

A: My cat, Leo! He is my everything and I really love him!

HC: Favorite Starbucks drink:

A: Caramel Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and tons of caramel drizzle!


HC: Which emoji describes you?

A: The Crying laughing face! I laugh all the time and I find everyone and everything funny!


HC: Future Career?

A: I want to work in the hotel and resort industry, more specifically doing event planning.


HC: Why did you choose USF?

A: My parents were planning on moving but they wanted to send me down here first to get a feel for Florida. I toured a bunch of campuses and I absolutely fell in love with this one because everyone was really nice and I like that USF is a Green school. I love how much we all care about the environment and basically, I just felt at home here!


HC: What is one change you want to see in the world?

A: I really want everyone to be able to travel and see the world with more ease because I want people to widen their horizons and experience the beauty of the different cultures.