Campus Celebrity: Sydjea Watson

Editor's Note: This week's Campus Celebrity is a Throwback Thursday to our beautiful Campus Correspondent Sydjea Watson, who has graduated! We're all so proud of her here at Her Campus USF! 


Sydjea is our fierce, flawless Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at the University of South Florida! She is also a well-known face on campus because when she isn't doing anything and everything for Her Campus, you can find her working at Student Affairs as the Promotions Coordinator. She is a mass communications major with a concentration in public relations, and originally from Kingston, Jamaica. Read all about our Campus Celebrity:

HC: How did you get involved at USF?

Sydjea: With Her Campus actually! I was never big on involvement before that and it honestly gave me the boost I needed.


HC: Awesome- and now you’re the Campus Correspondent! Did you always know that you wanted the job?

Sydjea: I know it's kinda crazy. My wildest dream was to be our social media coordinator. For Campus Correspondent, I honestly didn't even think about it until someone recommended that I apply. I think I was intimidated by the responsibility. But the challenge fit with my theme for the year #YOGO (you only graduate once), so I went for it!


HC: Wow, talk about a leap of faith paying off! What is your favorite part about being Campus Correspondent? 

Sydjea: Is "meeting people" too cheesy? I love that part and I think being CC has made me interact with people I otherwise wouldn't have. Plus it blows my mind how many personalities there are lol and I just think it's really beautiful.  


HC: That is amazing. Do you face any challenges as Campus Correspondent? If so, how do you deal with them?

Sydjea: Oh yes! I find that prioritizing puts everything into perspective which lessens stress... And I am conditioning myself into accepting that asking for help is okay #ConfessionsOfaControlFreak


HC: That sounds like a great solution- and I’m sure your Executive Board helps sometimes. How has the chemistry been so far?

Sydjea: Oh you mean my dream team? Amazing! Lol I keep thinking it's too good to be true. It's 8 of us right now and we are all so different but so alike at the same time!  


HC: Aw, well that is wonderful! What is your goal for Her Campus this semester, and for the next five years?

Sydjea: Well for HC I have two major goals. I want to see us become a pink level chapter and for our content to reflect the diversity of our university. In five years I see myself as a creative or art director, living near the beach somewhere and hopefully close to starting a family.