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Campus Celebrity: Students With Disabilities Services

Once again Her Campus USF will focus on a campus organization for this week’s Campus Celebrity. This time around we are going to talk about SDS or Students with Disabilities Services.



Who: SDS is made up of a wonderful staff that helps process student applications and provides assistance in a number of ways to students with disabilities.


What: Students with disabilities may apply at any time to receive accommodations to aide in their academic success. Disabilities can be anything physical or mental that has an affect on the student’s ability to perform academically. SDS also puts on events to raise awareness for disabilities.


Why: USF students are a very diverse group and a plethora of disabilities affect our students, SDS is here to be an advocate of the students and a liaison to their professors to make sure they get the accommodations they need.


When: Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. Students can register at any time but it may be best to apply before the semester begins to ensure that you receive accommodations for the full semester.


Where: SVC 1133

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