Bring Old Clothes Back To Life

Many women naturally have closets full of clothing. Since the fashions change with each season, 
many of us try our hardest to keep up with the times and that means accumulating clothing in the 
backs of closets and shoved into dresser drawers. Instead of cramming clothes into drawers or 
throwing them away because you never wear them, take those old clothes and turn them into 
something new. Clothing can be used for more than what you use them for now. There are 
literally hundreds of different uses for different items of clothing so don’t throw them away, give 
them a new purpose in life. Below are just some of the amazing uses clothing serves. 
1. Long sleeve shirt into a wrap skirt.
If you have a long sleeve shirt that you no longer want to wear, change it into a cute wrap skirt 
perfect for the beach, pool or even a casual dinner. 
2. Denim jacket into cargo vest
Here in Florida, sleeves serve a very limited purpose, making things like denim jackets useless in 
the warmer weather. Don’t throw it away, take the jacket, some scissors, and presto, you have a 
sleeveless denim cargo vest that’s perfect for the spring and summer. 
3. T-shirt into a shirt for a night out
Have an old raggedy t-shirt? Well make a few alterations and you will be left with a shirt you 
can wear for a night out with friends. Just cut out the sleeves, the neckline and make slits all 
along the back of the shirt in a v-form. 
4. T-shirt into turban headband
Taking an old t-shirt and cutting it in half can serve two purposes: lets you update your messy 
bun and gives the t-shirt you are never going to wear a new job. Just make some twists and tie it 
in a knot to make a headband and take your messy bun to a new level.
5. Old shirt into a statement necklace
This one is seriously cool. Just cut the shirt into strips and string it on a chain to make a necklace 
that calls attention and is way less money than some of the statement necklaces in the malls. 
6. Worn out t-shirt into no sew tote bag
Make a new tote bag completely out of an old and worn t-shirt. This allows you the chance to 
have a different bag whenever you want; just take a t-shirt, cut fringe from the bottom, tie the 
fringe strips together two at a time and there you have it, a new tote bag. 
7. Sweaters into pillow covers
If you have a sweater you never wear, just make it into a pillow cover. All you need is to put the 
pillow inside of the sweater – it helps if the sweater has a wide neck – and hem the top and 
bottom closed and then use the sleeves to tie a bow on the top or just cut them off and hem the 
holes shut. 
There are so many uses for your old clothes so there is no need to throw anything away. Having 
so many different uses allows you to reuse old clothes and lets you save money because you do 
not need to buy new things – just make them out of your old clothes.