Brainstorming the Best Resolutions

The top resolution for 2016, according to Time magazine,

is to “Live life to the fullest”. What will this year’s be?

  • To Get Healthy- Typically, this is worded differently (to lose weight). But this is recommended as a better resolution because it doesn't mean to drop numbers on a scale, it means to change your lifestyle in a healthier way that can empower you.

  • Travel the World- This is an amazing resolution to conquer. This can, however, have quite a few barriers like money and time. A good way a college student like yourself can start exploring is by exploring your state and maybe the surrounding states. Visit parks and just drive!

  • Better Grades-Girl, just study.

  • Handle Personal Finances Better- Get a part-time job! Or maybe even cut out Starbs for a week every month or even for a month! Cut the little things out to save for the big things! (Like an amazing getaway or better yet college debts!)

  • Meet New People- Put down your phone. Look around you! There are so many people out there, which means there is so much potential. In line waiting for the check out, start a small conversation. When you are in the library, bring an extra snack to share. These are great ways to start a conversation and meet someone new.

  • Find Love- Love isn’t just a “significant other”. Love is loving your best friend, your family and yourself. Take time to appreciate those around you. Finding the “one” will be amazing, but only if the the rest is taken care of first. Live and love your life!