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For all of the fans of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, this blog is for you. With BF3 and MW3 being a couple of the most popular first-person-shooter (fps) games of our time, which do you prefer? Close call? It is. Both games are equally competitive. Each game possesses their own style including graphics, map design, class configurations, game modes, choice of weaponry, and even gaming quality (online connectivity, lag compensation, dedicated servers, etc.).    

The biggest issue that some gamers have about BF3 is that it’s too realistic and die to easily. The biggest issue that some gamers have about MW3 is lagging mainly due to lag compensation or just some really bad internet service plans. Well, which one would have you screaming at your television? Which reminds me how MW3 allows you to hear the person you killed’s reaction (you may here some yelling or inappropriate language) -funny stuff. 

Overall, BF3 and MW3 are both entertaining and worthy of  $60  fps games. I highly recommend playing both. Even though Bf3 and MW3 are competitive to each other, the true competition lies in the skills of the player. Here are some personal comments from BF3 and MW3 gamers about the games:

Well for one, I am a BIG fan of Battlefield and Battlefield Bad Company. Just the realistic war-like feel of Battlefield is the main reason I enjoy it over Call Of Duty. Don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty is an amazing game, with all of the kill streaks, perks and gun assessments and gadgets, but with someone that wants the “true” shooters challenge and real war-like feeling, they should try Battlefield. Call of Duty has a lot of kids playing it and ruining the fun of playing; they shoot anything that moves and kill there own teammates, and that gets a little annoying. Also, lets not forget about the campers that just sit in one area and wait for someone to walk across, then shoot them -that just drives everyone insane! With Battlefield there is no camping because everything can be destroyed and blown up. There aren’t any spawn kills, no cheap drop shots. There is war, kill or be killed.”Jonathan McGhin

First let’s start with Battlefield, I love love love the vehicle gameplay. It’s given way to the occasional “only in battlefield” moments that we all love to see. I’m also a huge fan of the in game gun customizing that MW3 lacks. The character feeling is very well done it feels real and natural. I also love the destructive environments which most Battlefield games had. Now, for MW3 I believe it’s a very well done DLC (lol), it’s worth the $60 for the maps the survival modes and stuff. It’s also got a whole streak system which I love and the gun leveling which keeps this interesting always. Overall, MW3 may just be MW2 all over but it has my vote because I don’t always have 45 minutes to play one game of Battlefield when I could just run 3 or 4 matches in a 15 minutes period to get that prework shooter fix in. So sorry Battlefield! I love your amazing graphics and vehicle gameplay but a 45 minute match where I must walk 15 minutes to find action just doesn’t always fit in my time frame.” Tommy Savage

Agree or disagree? We want to hear about your experiences with the games and which game you prefer.

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