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The Best Pants for Curvy Hips

Just about every girl knows the gruesome struggle of trying to find the perfect pair of pants, especially when it comes to jeans. When you add big hips into the mix, finding pants and rompers that not only fit you—but also flatter you—can be a very frustrating task. After 21 years of trial and error, I’ve found my top three sure-fire pant and romper shapes that flatter my waist-to-hip ratio.

1. Stretchy jeans: If you can’t sit or bend your knees in a pair of jeans, they’re not for you! Unfortunately, I’ve found that some of the least comfortable jeans are also the cutest, but at the end of the day you need to be able to move in your jeans. The ones with a stretch have my vote any day. They’re more likely to get around those hips and shape your butt to flatter your curves.

2. Harem pants/rompers: A recent discovery and obsession of mine are harem pants and harem rompers. They’re wide-legged and wide-hipped, fitting most body types perfectly. The flowy rompers are my favorite to wear out and look even better with a belt to define the curve at your waist. And to make them even more amazing, a black pair of harem pants is completely universal, and for me, wins over joggers every time.

3. High-Rise Leggings: These are hands down my go-to for bottoms. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and the high-rise band keeps me from having to constantly pull them up. High-rise leggings are also perfect for tucking in your shirts to show off your curves, smooth your stomach and make your legs look longer. 

Which pant shape is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

All photos courtesy of Olivia Rakowski

Hiya! My name is Olivia Rakowski (also known as Roving Olivia if you follow me on social media) and I go to USF as an Advertising Major with a certificate of Visuaization and Design. I recently started my own blog (rovingolivia.wordpress.com) and decided to get involved in blogging in other ways like Her Campus. Hope you guys enjoy my posts (-:
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