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Best Coffee Shops in the Tampa Bay Area

We get it, we get it. You are exhausted. Between 8 am’s, countless hours at your unpaid internship, and last minute plans to try to make it to happy hour, you have a lot on your plate. No matter where you are in Tampa, I have you covered by sharing the best coffee shops in the area.

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Felicitous - Fowler Ave (main location) & 42nd Street

This coffee shop is tucked away in a tiny purple house on Fowler Avenue. One of the greatest things about Felicitous is its coziness. It literally feels like you are at your grandma’s house, minus the powdery perfume smell. There is a wide variety of milk options (shout out to my oat milk gals) and even vegan food options. If you’re located close to 42nd Street, there is a small location on the ground floor of The Lark apartment complex.

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


The Blind Tiger Cafe - 7th Avenue, Howard Avenue, and Florida Avenue

This speakeasy-inspired coffee shop is your Instagram aesthetic dreams. There are tons of locations in Tampa, so you can find one no matter where you are. LISTEN. TO. ME. You have to try the iced cafe bombon, a simple drink made with espresso and sweetened condensed milk. It is heaven in a drink. If you go to my favorite location, 7th ave, you will have the cutest view of one of the liveliest streets in Ybor.

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Foundation Coffee - Franklin Street

This coffee shop is the closest thing that I have found to a cafe you would find in NYC. It is almost too “cool” to where sometimes I feel like I am not cool enough to be there. Their coffee tastes incredible, and not to mention they even have oat milk, which is all the rage these days. They are located right next door to the Rialto Theatre, which makes getting to Indie Flea that much easier.

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Buttermilk Provisions - Bruce B Downs Boulevard

If the name alone does not sell you, I don’t know what will. I mean, Buttermilk? Come on, it is such a cute name! The interior of the coffee shop is incredibly quaint, from the floor to ceiling chalkboard wall and the cozy couches, writing your last-minute 10-page paper will a breeze. If I could recommend one thing it would have to be the donut cold brew. It tastes like a literal donut. I mean who would not want that?

Tampa is home to many things like the USF Bulls, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and even the Tampa Bay Lightning, so it is no surprise that Tampa is also home to a ton of amazing, locally owned coffee shops. In all seriousness, I think that in order to really do well in school, it is crucial to get out of your apartment and go study somewhere new. This will give you a clear head space and get you out of the norm, so when you need a little pick me up and decide you need another cup of coffee (or three), check out one of these hidden gems to get some pep in your step!

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