Becoming Anti-Racist

As a young biracial woman, I have always been extremely aware of the systemic racism that has been around forever. It is a problem that has still not be solved, after so many years of trying. One thing society needs to do to ensure change is to be actively anti-racist.

  1. 1. Stay Educated


    You should constantly stay updated with world events that occur when it comes to oppression and racism. Not only that, but everyone should fully acknowledge and recognize the systemic racism that floods our country. Do your own research on issues and matters going on in the world. Don’t just rely on social media! Find the information yourself to stay informed and educated on ongoing issues.

  2. 2. Anti-Racism Applies to All

    person wearing inspirational black shirt

    The only way to be anti-racist is if you believe in equality for all. You can’t pick and choose what races to protect. Every person of color needs to be treated like an actual human being. If you’re only being anti-racist to some races, then you aren’t truly anti-racist. Everyone deserves social justice and equality in this world.

  3. 3. Speak Up

    greyscale image of a BLM protest

    If you see something, say something. When there are issues going on, you MUST speak up against them. Racism will keep happening if you don’t do so. If you have the privilege, use it as a way to combat racism and speak up on these issues. Many POC are overlooked when addressing these problems, so if you have the privilege use it to the advantage for equality.

    Be courageous and do the right thing. 

    And the most important things to do:

    Be kind, Be accepting, Be all-loving, Be a good human.