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Ash Wednesday Service Connects USF Students

Walking around yesterday, many of you saw people with a small, dark smudge spread across their foreheads. Don’t worry, it’s not dirt, it’s ash. March 1st marked the first day of lent, a season of fasting and prayer for Western Christians—especially for Catholics. The lent period lasts for a total of 46 days (counting Sundays) and ends on Easter Sunday, when Christ has risen.

March 1st was a historic day for Catholics on the USF campus as it was the first time in USF history that mass was celebrated on Campus. The Catholic Student Union (CSU) at USF organized the mass, which took place in the Amphitheater at 5p.m.  With over 250 students in attendance, the mass attracted Catholics and curious students.

Many saw the mass as point of change in their lives.

The priest who celebrated the mass, Father Justin Paskert, was optimistic about the turn out and hopes to see one thousand or more students next year. He sees the Ash Wednesday as a “public act of penance” and hopes that celebrating mass on campus would reach more students and show them the community welcomes them.

Students in attendance said the idea of having mass on campus; especially at the amphitheater was a great idea. They believed the public mass caught the attention of student and faculty. They hope to continue this.

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