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Amazon Go Takes Grocery Shopping To Next Level

Amazon Go just changed how grocery shopping and maybe even any shopping experience may look in the next 10 years. This store uses unprecedented technology that has everyone astonished. And by astonished, in both the good and bad way.

This will make shopping quicker and more efficient. The research marketing could do would be unlimited.

This will also make millions lose their jobs. It could lead to higher identity thefts and hacking. It also means we are constantly being watched by cameras. 

Technology as in the previous article “Technology Transcending”, has its ups and downs. We just have to be smart. 

This idea is ground breaking. Let’s just hope for the best.

I am a junior at the University of South Florida. I am specializing in Public Relations while pursuing certificates in Business and Visualization & Design. I hope to one day combine all of these and pursue law in the entertainment and even branch out to other passions in family law. While I am studying to achieve these dreams, I have furthered my collection of coffee cups and obsession with caffeine. I currently work as a barista and love to whip up new ideas, whether it be actual coffee creations or branding ideas. My other hobbies include enjoying short walks to the movies and my computer. This is usually to catch up on the latest and greatest shows. If it's not film, it is music. I love the thrill of listening to live music of my favorite and new bands. These inspire me to discover my individuality and brand, while challenging myself to help others find theirs.
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