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Alex Karev And Meredith Grey Are Friendship Goals

Grey’s Anatomy has brought us some great friendship pairs to fall in love with. Izzy and George, Christina and Meredith, Mark and Callie – they’ve all made great friendships and moments to make us smile or cry. One pair that was, at least to me, completely unexpected is Alex Karev and Meredith Grey.

Alex Karev was the character everyone loved to hate. He was the resident bad boy and the jerk. He did what he wanted and said what he wanted with no filter and not caring about what anyone thought. Alex was brutally honest and a ladies man. The last characteristic anyone could have given him was Meredith’s person; but that is exactly what he has become.

We have seen glimpses of the blossoming friendship like when Meredith allowed him to live in her house or when Christina quit her job after the shootout and Alex became the person Meredith talked to. Now that Christina and Derek are out of the picture permanently – spoiler alert – Meredith and Alex have become the new best friend pair. It is only fitting they have become new besties – or at least pre besties – because they are the last two standing. George died and Izzy and Christina left; these two are the only original Grey’s Anatomy characters and the only two that haven’t slept together.

Check out these six pictures that prove just why Alex and Meredith are friendship goals:


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