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Hi all! I hope spring break treated everyone well!

As an update for my personal life, I plan to graduate a year early from my undergraduate and proceed onto law school in the fall of 2024! Despite my excitement, preparation, and anticipation, this has been so incredibly nerve wracking. So, if any of you are in the same situation where sometimes the impostor syndrome or panic about your future academic endeavors set in, take a step back and understand your genuine capabilities. 

Making a list of all of the things I have had to do, like study for the LSAT, ask for letters of recommendation, apply for internships, and so much more seemed insurmountable at first. Once I got all of my thoughts organized into a hefty list, the hard part was over with. All of the thoughts scrambling in your head aren’t abnormal, just need to be let out for the sake of organization.

The imposter syndrome is very real and very valid. If you feel as though you aren’t cut out for it, I’ve found talking to those who know me as well as I know myself helps so much. Seeing the way you come across to others when you’re struggling with internal confidence helps get the ball rolling. Hardly anyone in my extended family has pursued higher education to this extent, and it is daunting to even be pushing myself this hard in a multitude of realms. Yet, seeing how far I have come and recognizing the positive aspects within myself have made it easier to realize my ability to attain this goal.

Lastly, just know that life is going to take you wherever you are meant to be. As cheesy and absurd as that sounds, we only get to live one life. Freaking out over every minute thing that you believe is the end-all-be-all will only create further stress in life…trust me I do it a lot unfortunately. Reach out to your counselors, advisors, and potentially get connected with people in the field. There is no rush to your personal journey; you are where you’re supposed to be.


Hi ! My name is Jess and I'm a second year at USF Tampa studying criminology with a minor in intelligence studies. I love iced chais, anything crystal related, and writing advice articles!