5 Tips for Studying Abroad in Italy

This past summer, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy! I’ve traveled outside the country with my family, but it’s an entirely different experience when going by yourself or with friends. Here are some tips from my experience in hopes that I can help you have a better experience while studying abroad.

Photo courtesy of Lyndsay Brunstetter

1. Apply to scholarships!

You never know what can happen, and it can really help since study abroad is fairly expensive. 

2. Connect with people in the same program as you.

Ask your program leaders if there are any group chats of students in your program. It’s a great way to meet people! 

Photo courtesy of Lyndsay Brunstetter

3. Bring a few hundred euros with you.

This should be a good start to have on you. Italy has ATMs, so it’s easy to access money. A lot of kids used the Bank of America travel card, which didn’t have any additional transaction fees on it like other cards do. The Discover card isn’t accepted at many places, so I would leave that card behind and bring a visa. Bags can be misplaced or stolen, so I learned that if you divide your money, you have a better chance at not being in a big predicament.

4. Keep printed copies of your passport in all bags. 

5. Keep your bag in front of you.

People are known to steal, especially on buses in the daytime! Try to never go anywhere alone, especially at night. If you have to go somewhere alone, turn your locations on so that your friends know where you are the whole time. Men tend to make comments at women and try to grab them, so be observant and stay safe. 

Photo courtesy of Lyndsay Brunstetter

5. Spend your money on experiences instead of materials! 

You will have thousands of memories to last a lifetime!