5 Tips to Rock Your Next Interview

Preparing to nail that big job interview is stressful work. Making sure your resume is polished and updated, finding the correct professional outfit and learning how to feel confident in the interview are all important aspects to consider.

On top of that, being interviewed is not easy. Talking about yourself and why you would be a great asset to a company is nerve-wracking. Acing interviews takes time, practice and preparation.

To ease some of the preparation stress, here are five tips on how you can rock your next interview.

1. Do research on the company prior to the interview.

Before going into the interview, research what the company tends to focus on or any mottos they stand by—this can normally be found on their website. Learn to pinpoint what a company values and what accomplishments and praise they have received. The skills and tools they offer as well as the company’s history are also important aspects.

Follow the company and some employers on LinkedIn. This one way you can make connections with future employers or even just other people in your field. Arriving early to your interview will also give you an advantage.

“Always plan to arrive early and give yourself a 30-minute time buffer to avoid being flustered,” USF Career Services consultant Emily Fiore said.


2. Keep a cool composure.

Even though it may be difficult, while in the interview room, stay calm and confident. The company liked your resume and what you have to offer enough to invite you to a meeting. Show them what they will gain by hiring you by being yourself and letting them fall in love with you.

Photo: Megan Holzwarth

3. Be prepared for questions.

Some general questions a future employer may ask are, “Why are you the best person for this job,” “What are your greatest strengths,” and to “Describe three things that motivate you.” Remember to remain confident and honest when answering these questions; the company is trying to learn more about you and what skills you have to add to the company.

USF Career Services recommends using the STAR-L Method to frame your response: Situation, Task, Action, Result—What you Learned. This is a strong technique for behavior-based questions.

Photo: Megan Holzwarth

4. Ask the interviewer questions.

Preparing a few questions to ask at the end of the interview. This shows them that you can ready and are serious about joining their company. Remember the information you gathered about the company prior to attending the interview? Use that information to ask questions regarding the company and what it’s like to work there.

USF Career Services also has a list of questions you can ask. For example, “How would you describe the company’s values,” and “What are the traits and skills of people who are the most successful within the organization.”

Photo: Pexels

5. Dress to impress.

This may be a given, but make sure to dress appropriately. Do not go into an interview wearing tight clothes, sagging pants, t-shirts, shorts or flip-flops. Wear a nice blouse, a button-down shirt, dress pants or slacks, a dress or skirt and closed toed shoes. Ladies should also make sure their hair is pulled back and out of the face.

“It’s important to remember that interviewing is a skill. The more you practice and use the skill, the more comfortable and confident you will become,” Fiore said.

These are just a few tips to help you pass your interview. For more tips and advice check out the USF Career Services website or go to their office and pick up their “Your Next Step” student career guide.