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5 Inspirational Girl Power Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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Outside of the endless Instagram models selling fit tea and gummy hair vitamins, there are a few IG profiles that aim to inspire, especially aimed at inspiring women.

The women that are behind these profiles are content creators, brand ambassadors, stylist and other types of creatives. These women have broken barriers and crossed boundaries and have proven that you don’t have to be like everyone else on IG to get noticed and become an influence on positive change.  But instead using their creativity and talent, they have built an entire brand that promotes positivity and girl power.

1. Blake Von D

Photo: blakevond.com/the-extra-mile/

Blake Von D is an attorney and digital influencer. She shares her love of fashion and style but also her entrepreneurial side as well. What I most love about her is her ability to be transparent in the most classic way. I enjoy her Instagram feed @blakevond and especially the post when she shares her most vulnerable moments with the world. She wants us to know the real deal. I understand that her life isn’t a fairytale but more of an “I worked hard for this” point-of-view. Blake Von D’s story is a very relatable and compelling one. From being a foster child to now a fabulous attorney, she shows us that anything is possible. 

2. Alexandra Elle

Photo: Instagram @alex_elle

Alexandra Elle is a mother, author, wellness consultant and an all over powerful woman. She uses her experiences to share wise words from her soul. Her poems and quotes are heartfelt and resonate from within. From each stage of her life, she has a word for. You can find some of her work on Instagram where she promotes self-love to the fullest. Her page is so encouraging and her quotes allow me to realize that I’m not alone. Comfort and courage are the two words that come to mind when I think of Alex Elle.

3. Asiyami Gold

Photo: Instagram @asiyami_gold

Asiyami Gold is a curator and creator. With numerous talents under her exquisitely styled belt, there’s nothing she can’t do and nowhere she can’t go. Asiyami Gold is a motivational storyteller. Motivational because she’s no longer afraid to speak on where she used to be or what she’s gone through to get where she is. She’s a storyteller because behind every photograph she captures is a fascinating story that has endless depth. She is a woman of substance. Her Instagram photos are like those ripped out of a travel magazine. One of my favorites things about her page is that on her IG story she tells stories. My most favorite one was about how she became discouraged and wanted to quit, right before her big break. She inspirational and is living proof to not give up. You could be one step away or job away from your breakthrough.  

4. TheSlumFlower

Photo: theslumflower.com

The Slumflower, also know as Chidera Eggerue, is an award-winning blogger, public speaker, creator of #SaggyBoobsMatter and social activist. In her early days, she had a style blog where she spoke about her style with a strong emphasis on self-love. Recently she has rebranded herself to be more than a woman of style but a woman of worth. What I enjoy about Chidera’s IG page is the shameless photos and captions of why she loves her body, why she encourages us, women, to not conform to what society deems as beautiful, but to set our own standards regardless. The Slumflower is a shameless, powerful, intelligent, creative black woman who is making waves in today’s society.

5. R29UnBothered

 Photo: Refinery29

Refinery 29 is a platform that is targeted to young women, millennial women. The purpose of their brand is to empower, celebrate and entertain women like us. R29UnBothered is an extension of Refinery 29. This page is specifically targeted towards young women of color. The page celebrates WOC who are winning. They also educate young women about other women who are leading by example by talking about things no one else wants to talk about but need to speak about. They inspire us to be greater than we are with motivational quotes and clips. R29Unbothered is that voice that speaks for those who cannot. That’s what I love about their page. 

Hi I'm Alexandra Petit and I'm a sophmore at the University of South Florida majoring in Public Relations. I enjoy long walks to the fridge, fashion, art, and music. 
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