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4 Dogs You Should be Following on Social Media

Thumbnail Photo: Pexels Social media should be one thing and one thing only: staying up to date with the lives of the animals you desperately wish to own, but don’t. Whether you are living in a tiny space or with someone who’s allergic to furry friends, it is sometimes not feasible to have 12 dogs chewing on your shoes and sprawling out on your sofa all day every day.

So until you find a new living situation and a roommate that appreciates a good tail wag even at the expense of watery eyes, here are four dog accounts you should be following.

1. TheGoldenRatio4: 

Twitter: TheGoldenRatio4
This one can be considered a double bonus, because not only is it one dog, nor is it four like the name suggests, but instead there are currently five beautiful Golden Retrievers in this household, all who will make your heart swoon. The golden quint can be found on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram; I’ve found that following them on all three platforms allows for maximum happiness.

2. Lilothehusky

Instagram: lilothehusky
These dogs also enjoy waffles and carrots more than any human—except for Casey, no carrots for Casey. 2. LilothehuskyHonestly, I started following this Husky duo for the little feline friend that follows them on adventures. Cat-lovers and dog-lovers alike can dream of exploring with the three fluffy companions. If you weren’t crying already from the hypothetical animal fur getting in your eyes, the story behind Rosie the cat and Lilo the Husky’s friendship is bound to make you cry.

3. TheDogist

Instagram: TheDogist
TheDogist is comparable to Humans of New York, but for the better and more important residents of the Big Apple. Each post normally contains a few shots of the dog in the spotlight because everyone knows that just one picture isn’t enough. If we’re lucky, there will even be a video of the four-legged friend.

4. Northwestmommy

Instagram: northwestmommy
For the more sophisticated and artsy dog-lover, these gigantic dogs could almost pass for bears. Max and Bruce look like the ultimate cuddle dogs, and every picture reaffirms that. As someone that has a big dog back home, these two give me my daily dose of giant, slobbering angels.

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