37 Signs You Go to USF

1.     Squirrels cause power outages


2.     Your favorite gas station is Wawa

Where else can you get gas, a great sub and a milkshake all in one trip? (and without possible food poisoning) 

3.     Late night Taco Bell runs

Because what is better than a Crunchwrap Supreme, a Beefy Frito Burrito, Cinnabon Minis and a large Mountain Dew Baja Blast after a party?

4.     At some point, you’ve had a student pass to Busch Gardens

Being able to go in the middle of a weekday afternoon means no lines...score!

5.     You’ve taken on the Ybor nightlife

And if you haven't gotten a tattoo or piercing there, you totally went with somebody who did

6.     You’ve taken a day trip to Clearwater,  St. Pete or Orlando

Which includes the big cheese and castle, of course

7.     You know who Gregory Bowers is

And he has answered at least one of your embarrassing freshman questions

8.     Campus is gorgeous

Seriously, just about everywhere on campus is near breathtaking 

9.     Especially the MLK Plaza

AKA where everybody takes their graduation photos, popping champagne in the fountain

10.   There is always something going on

Something is going on all the time, and a lot of the events have some form of free food.

11.   Bull Market is basically a weekly holiday

12.   with free food, goodies and more

13.   Judy Genshaft is queen

If you ever see her in person, you are obligated to take a selfie with her (and the bulls symbol, of course!)

14.   You have probably climbed the bulls at the msc

Even though you weren't supposed to...

15.   Watching the preachers outside of Cooper Hall is daily entertainment

You have seen just about everything now

16.   Tailgates are better than the football games

17.   But you have plenty of school spirit at all games


18.   Post-classic traffic is the worst

Especially if it is on Fletcher and 42nd Street.

19.   Parking is always scarce

20.   as is a good parking job

21.   Police ticket like it’s their job

okay, so maybe it is their job but it is still excessive 

22.   You’ve taken on CDBs at least once

It looks like a cute family-owned pizza shop, right? Wrong...

23.   International Mall is worth the half hour drive

You can't afford many things there but it sure is great to look and dream

24.   You avoid the UMall at all costs

Although the super clearance Dillards is worth the trip once a semester

25.   Downtown Tampa is your own slice of a big city

It is the perfect getaway for an afternoon

26.   You’ve always wanted to go to Eddie & Sam's NY Pizza

Seriously, their pizza is huge and looks absolutely delicious 

27.   and one of the hip juice bars downtown

And if you don't post a cool photo of your juice on Instagram, did you even go and get juice?

28.   or gorge yourself at Datz

29.   oh, and taco tuesday is absolutely insane

30.   and Chipotle is always packed

But you always wait in line anyway

31.   You’ve eaten midnight breakfast at Fresh Foods

Complete with belgian waffles, cereal, ice cream, etc.

32.   and made special trips out to Champions Choice

Especially for the freshly ground peanut butter.

33.   You’ve taken one of the fun cardio classes at the Campus Rec Center

Club Cardio is the best, hands down.

34.   You’ve found your home away from home

35.   You bleed green and gold

36.   and love Rocky D Bull

No wonder why he won the best mascot nationwide!

37.   You know that you go to the best college