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3 Sustainable Brands That Are Actually Fashion-Forward

In today’s progressive and conscious society, sustainability has become extremely important. Whether it be using reusable water bottles or sipping from paper straws, the general public has become aware of the dangerous effects of pollution and global warming. It is no surprise that many brands and businesses are striving to become eco-friendly. The general goal of this is to lessen waste and save our planet before it is too late. Various companies are demonstrating their dedication by going green!

Allegra Vallina

Urban Outfitters

From biodegradable hair ties, to recycled blouses, Urban Outfitters is slowly adapting to this environmentally-sound approach. The store has started to sell vintage clothing and items that are recycled through a collection called Urban Renewal. The products are well-made, with each item being unique due to the production process. Although they can be pricey, it is easy to find many of these interesting pieces in the sales section.

Wholesome Culture

Wholesome Culture is an apparel store promoting plant-based lifestyles. According to their website, their clothing is manufactured in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified factories, meaning that it promotes “safe, lawful, humane, and ethical” production. In addition to this, they claim to use recycled packaging to ship orders, as well as printing designs with water-based ink. This rings true to their motto of keeping their entire process as clean as possible. Crewnecks, shirts and hoodies are sold, as well as different accessories.


Lastly, Reformation is more of a high-end brand, demonstrated by their prices; however, it is perfect when it comes to buying a timeless dress or well-made top. Their jeans are extremely nice as well, as they are produced with quality denim and stitching. When it comes to sustainability, Reformation claims to be 100% carbon neutral. They source locally, support organic practices and use non-toxic items during the creation process. Similar to Wholesome Culture, Reformation uses vegetable-based and recycled packaging that is compostable.


These are just a few brands that are aiming at making Earth a cleaner, better place to live on. They are understanding the impact they have as big businesses and are doing everything they can to minimize their footprint.

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