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As fun as it is to go on romantic dates, and spend time with your friends, sometimes it’s nice to do something fun alone. Amid a stressful semester, take time for yourself, and try these 3 self-care date ideas you can do all on your own this spring!

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Put on a cute swimsuit, pack a bag, and drive to the beach! Going by yourself is actually so much fun. You can swim, tan, take a nap, read a book, watch the sunset, and listen to your favorite music. As far as relaxing activities for self-care, this is definitely one of my favorites.

Farmer’s Market

Find a farmer’s market near you! You can wear a cute outfit, take pictures, and get fresh food for the week. There’s so many cool things you can find at farmer’s markets, and so many amazing people to meet! Plus, the vibe is always amazing.

Hot Girl Walk

Whether you’re aiming for a workout or just a trip to your nearest coffee shop, pop on some headphones and go for a hot girl walk. I love doing this because you can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or just your favorite music. Take advantage of the warm spring weather and get some fresh air!

Obviously, there are so many more things you can do on your own–these are just some of my favorites for spring. No matter what you decide to do, just enjoy some time to yourself and remember that you are worthy of love!

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Arnold, and I'm a junior at USF studying English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in mass communication. I love painting, reading, traveling, shopping, coffee, and (of course) writing.