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3 Reasons Nosebleed Seats are the Best

Concerts are a great chance to hang out with friends, hear some awesome music and be a part of something. The ticket prices, however, are often outrageous unless you opt for the nosebleed sections (i.e. the seats so far away from the stage that the band looks like ants). Here are three reasons why the nosebleed section is actually the best. 

1. The price (of course) 

While ticket prices for closer seats can run over $100, the cost of a seat in a nosebleed section is usually only a fraction of the cost. This makes it easier on your wallet and possible for more friends to accompany you to the concert. 

2. The view 

While you might be thinking that this is a stretch, if you look at a map of the venue before selecting your tickets you can often get seats that face center stage while looking over the heads of the rest of the crowd. This means you can get an unobstructed, bird’s-eye view of the band. 

3. Easy escape

Traffic following a concert can be horrendous. If you don’t mind missing part of the finale, you can easily sneak out of your seats at the back and make it to your car before anyone else even notices. This provides you a head start on the traffic, and usually you can avoid the mess altogether.

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