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2016: An Eventful Year

So we all know this year’s election was crazy, but have you noticed all the other crazy or big things that happened in 2016?

Leonardo Dicaprio got his Oscar. 


When everyone was (some still are) obsessed with Pokémon Go. 


The Cubs won the World Series


When Taylor Swift was dating Calvin Harris, but broke up and started dating Tom Hiddleston. But then they broke up too. Then the #kimexposedtaylorparty happened. It wasn’t T-Swizzle’s year.

Across the pond, Britain left the European Union. 

The eighth Harry Potter  book (play manuscript) was released! Now we just need it to come over to the US. 




On a more serious note, we came together and united as #Orlandostrong after the deadliest shooting in American history happened. The Syrian Refugee Crisis is continuing to happen. Hurrican Matthew blew through the east coast. NASA released research showing that 2016 was the hottest year on record. There were devastating terrorist attacks in Nice, Brussels and Paris. Icons David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali and Prince passed away. We lost musician Christina Grimmie and actor Anton Yelchin. 


Of course this is not all that happened in 2016, but just a summary. Please comment what we missed!

2016 is a year that I think we will never forget. 



I am a junior at the University of South Florida. I am specializing in Public Relations while pursuing certificates in Business and Visualization & Design. I hope to one day combine all of these and pursue law in the entertainment and even branch out to other passions in family law. While I am studying to achieve these dreams, I have furthered my collection of coffee cups and obsession with caffeine. I currently work as a barista and love to whip up new ideas, whether it be actual coffee creations or branding ideas. My other hobbies include enjoying short walks to the movies and my computer. This is usually to catch up on the latest and greatest shows. If it's not film, it is music. I love the thrill of listening to live music of my favorite and new bands. These inspire me to discover my individuality and brand, while challenging myself to help others find theirs.
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