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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Wait For Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

1.       School is over and you can finally hit the


2.       Beach,

3.       Travel to places unknown,


4.       Start the sweetest internship ever

5.       See a new horror flick with your best

6.       Friends who believe,

7.       Tanning is a priority,

8.       Parties are requirements,

9.       Mid-day naps are extinct and

10.   Memories last forever!



Justine is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida. She received her B.A. in mass communcations in spring 2014. She was the 2013-2014 Campus Correspondent for Her Campus USF.She was also a News & Feature Writing Intern for College of Arts and Sciences and the Public Relations Campus Rep for Rent the Runway at USF. She is currently seeking agency experience and would love to someday work for a magazine, become a novelist, poet, editor, host of a Travel Channel show and much more.  She enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, art, literature, pop culture and student life. She spends most days listening to Lana del Rey, calming her nerves with various types of cheese, being sassy and trying to figure out when she can take a nap.Check out her website and portfolio here.She'd love you forever, if you followed her on Twitter @tinafigs_.Contact Justine regarding business inquires only at justinefigueroa@hercampus.com.