You like the beats, but are you prepared to survive the music festival vibes?

The three weekends of April all music fans have been anticipating, are finally here! Luckily, you managed to be one of the thousands that purchased a weekend ticket right before they quickly vanished. Ever since the lineup was announced, you can’t stop ranting about seeing Ellie Goulding and Luke Bryan perform live. Definitely not an outdoors girl, instead of camping, you booked a hotel far in advance. Your group chat is buzzing non-stop with trendy outfit ideas for the weekend. Obviously, you have prepared for months to make these the best weekends of the spring semester. But before you road-trip down to Indio, California for the biggest music festivals, Coachella and Stagecoach, there’s a little more preparation to be done. To make sure you can jam to all your favorite bands, snap that perfect Insta pic, and snack on sweet and salty food trucks, prepare this “Festival Survival Kit”!

Sunscreen & Chapstick

No need to check the weather forecast, because you are headed to the desert. While everyone loves soaking up the California sunshine, get ready for temperatures in the 90s, 0% precipitation, and minimal wind. Keep your skin looking young and lips smooth, with mini containers of SPF and chapstick.


Portable Charger

You can barely last an hour without your cell phone. Imagine being stranded in the desert without this piece of technology. Purchase a portable phone charger beforehand, and you will never abandon your friends, neglect your Snapchat Story for more than ten minutes, or lose track of time and miss out on seeing Sam Hunt’s big debut.



Raging around the clock, who knows when you will have the next opportunity to brush your pearly whites. Keep your breath smelling minty fresh, and ready to mingle with anyone… This is especially crucial when you eye that handsome guy during Little Big Town’s romantic song, Girl Crush.


Sunglasses and Hats

While these are pertinent to block out the sun, they are essential accessories. For the “hippies”, shop at Nasty Gal or Revolve, for a variety of floppy hats and psychedelic round sunglasses. For the “country girls”, check out Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, for an assortment of darling cowboy hats and aviators. With these fashion statements, who knows, someone might mistake you for Selena Gomez.


LED Light Chains

#LIT truly describes music festivals, but not only because of Coachella’s neon laser lights. When it gets dark it can be a nightmare making your way through a crowd, scanning the ground for your dropped keys, or rummaging your wallet for the $10 you swear you saved for a crunchy fried chicken sandwich from “Free Range”; if you have an LED light chain, you can avoid the struggle.


Disposable Camera

There’s no evidence you could handle the music craze, unless there’s a picture. While your fancy DSLR camera might take a better photo, to prevent any damage or loss, go for the cheap CVS disposable camera. At Coachella, snap a pic in front of one of the giant art installations, in your bejeweled body art. At Stagecoach, buy a watermelon slice the size of your face, and pose in front of the enormous Ferris wheel.


Hand Sanitizer, Face Wipes, and Perfume

Whether you’re trying to squeeze your way through sweaty bodies to see Calvin Harris up close and personal, or the porta potty ran out of soap, at least try to keep yourself feeling a little clean and fresh. A must have is linnieDEW Skincare, with their Roll-On Fragrance and Rose Water Face Spray, your skin will always feel hydrated in the desert. There scent, “Desert Sand”, is perfect for Indio, making you smell bright, spicy, and lemony!



Most people think desert, and completely disregard a jacket. Fact: shockingly, the desert cools down at night. At the end of the day, you are going to be more comfortable as you make the trek back to your car, followed by the hour searching for your 2012 blue Ford Escape in the mass of cars.



Whether the heat gets to you or the pounding sound waves, Advil can alleviate the aches. Your body will be ready to do anything, including hours of shopping tent to tent, to line dancing the night away.



You may think it ruins your fashion vibe, but comfort dominates cuteness. Having water available to you at all times will save you when you are parched in the heat. Plus, you can always fill it up free of charge.


Now you are officially prepared, and ready to embrace the music festival vibes!