Wich is Your Favorite Sandwich?

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Hold that bite! Today is “National Sandwich Day”, and you’re taste buds should be watering at nothing other than the sight of a scrumptious sandwich. There’s no doubt the sandwich is an American staple, as it’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and can be as basic as the classic PB&J, to as gourmet as a fig and prosciutto panini. That said, the amount of sandwiches consumed by the average USC student in their college career is unimaginable! But what makes a sandwich THE sandwich? Let’s get a taste of what Trojans are stuffing in between their two slices of bread!

What makes a sandwich a sandwich?

“The perfect amount of crunch, with not too much meat, the right cheese, and a beautifully sliced baguette. And never forget the vinegar, that’s a must.”

- Jenny-Drew, Junior 


How many times a week do you eat a sandwich?

“About three times a week.”

- Randall, Senior


Where is the best place to get a sandwich on or near campus, and what's your order?

“Seeds in the Campus Center, because it’s super convenient, takes dining dollars, and most importantly makes a bomb BLTA. I love bacon and avocado, and this is the only place on campus that sells a BLTA.”

- Nathalie, Junior 


“Which Wich! I'm not kidding I literally go there twice a week. You have to get your sandwich hot, and you have to get the caramelized onions! I don't even like onions, but I eat them there!

- Abby, Senior


Where is your favorite place to get a sandwich in LA, and what's the sandwich?

“Well, you have to go into rival territory but...Fat Sal's in Westwood! When I went I had their special, which was a Thanksgiving style sandwich. It had turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce! I don't really eat sandwiches, but I thought it was amazing!"

- Araceli, Senior


“Mendocino Farms, because who doesn’t love Mendocino? It’s the place to get healthy and fresh sandwiches, with delicious sauces. I always order the Farm Club, which has turkey, bacon, avocado, aioli, tomatoes, greens, and pickled onions.”

-Bo, Sophomore 



Special spread or basic mustard & mayo?

“Basic mustard and mayo for sure! It's a safe bet, because the last thing you want is to ruin your sandwich with an unappealing sauce. Plus, mayo and mustard is bomb on a BLT!

- Monica, Sophomore


“Mayo, and just mayo! I absolutely love mayo. I smother it on both slices of bread, and then have a little extra on the side to dip my sandwich, chips, and carrots in.”

- Helen, Sophomore 



Hot or cold?

“Hot sandwich by far! All the ingredients melt together, and something about that makes it feel like more of a meal. Melted cheese is superior to hard cheese, and toasted bread is superior to dry bread.”

- Olivia, Freshman 



What needs to be in your sandwich to qualify it a sandwich? 

“Avocado! Because it's yummy, and you need it in everything!”

- Leah, Freshman 



If you could add absolutely anything to your sandwich, what would be the special ingredient?

“Bacon of course! It’s one of the major food groups, and thus must be on everything you eat.”

- Mat, Senior


What sandwich are you pro at making?

“I make a tasty breakfast sandwich. It’s actually really simple, because all you need is bacon, egg, and cheese, on a toasted bagel. I make it twice a week!”

- Aditya, Senior



What's the craziest sandwich you've ever eaten?

“ I like to say that my sandwiches are legendary, and crazy. I take absolutely everything in the fridge, and put it in the sandwich. Every kind of lunch meat, all the cheese, fried eggs, a green like arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and of course grilled onions. Then I toast the bread with some butter on the griddle, yum.  I top it all off with “Goddess” dressing from Trader Joe's, which is delectable on sandwiches!”

- Justin, sophomore 

What’s your basic sandwich?

“PB&J for sure! You lightly toast the bread until it’s brown. Then put a spoonful of PB on both slices. You only put jelly on one side. This 2:1 ratio of PB to jelly, makes it just right. It reminds me of my mom packing me the same lunch everyday in Kindergarten.”

- Reid, Junior


Are your tastebuds watering yet? With so many options, there’s no excuse to turn down a yummy sandwich on “National Sandwich Day”! What sandwich will you choose?