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USC’s ReadyU Giveaway!

Do you love Old Spice, CoverGirl, and Pantene?  Do you adore free stuff? Well, you're in luck!  

ReadyU, a divison of Procter & Gamble that specializes in bringing college students from across the nation together, is hosting a giveaway for ten lucky winners.  All you have to do is click here, like their Facebook page, click the "share" button on their latest status and put #usc in the comment section.  The winners will be selected at random by Dec. 10th!

So share a status and enter the running to win a gift bag similar to this one!  (But with a lot more Pantene, Cheer, Bounce, Old Spice, and CoverGirl mascara.  Oh, and a little less Tide).

After crawling around Honolulu, Hawaii as a toddler, exploring various cultures in Singapore as an elementary schooler, and roaming the exciting streets of Seoul, Korea as a teenager, Nicole finally made her way to the University of Southern California. Currently a junior Communication major, she's still trying to figure out what exactly it is she wants to do, but is looking to someday be involved with a career that will allow her to incorporate her love for writing, fashion, and the entertainment business. In her downtime, she loves to read blogs, eat sweets, embrace her inner shopaholic, watch movies, swoon over Mad Men, and laugh it up with her friends.
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