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USC’s Geistwear is no longer asking permission

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.

Geistwear is a university spirit clothing brand founded by USC students Clara Diogo, a current Junior majoring in architecture, and Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan senior, founder of Kaivent Media, and Forbes Under 30 Scholar. The brand is student-run, committed to quality, sustainability, and style. Focused on a streetwear aesthetic, Geistwear is trendy, appealing to the modern student’s taste.

As of recently, Geistwear’s founders saw an opportunity to use their platform for good, partnering with USC’s Black Student Alliance (BSA) to create their new Black Lives Matter line.

The current social justice movement is more than just a moment, and together the two groups worked to create a fashionable and comfortable clothing line that reflected just that.

Both Geistwear and BSA agree that the responsibility of a company is to cater to its consumers. Therefore, as a student brand, the BLM collection caters to modern students, or as they put it “Youth in Revolt”.

“As students, now is the time to take control of our futures,” says Geistwear founder Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan. The brand, in collaboration with BSA, is doing just that. 100% student-owned and operated, the pair have never taken outside funding. They hope that this line gives them the opportunity to grow their business, in order to advocate for a greater range of issues in the future.

While students may be underestimated, that does not mean that we are underqualified. Geistwear proves that you do not need approval to make change, to start working on the idea you’ve always had, or to initiate tough conversations with loved ones.

Not sure how to get your voice heard? Reach out to BSA with your opinions, or just to chat. Geistwear founders are also always open to student collaboration of any kind.

Now more than ever, we are in this together. So, take a hint from Geistwear, and stop asking permission.


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