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Spotted at SC: Triple Major

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.

Spotted at SC: Triple Major

Ritchie Chan, creator of Project White T-Shirt
Spotted at Annenberg 207

Eryne Lagman and Lilli Izumi are the authors of StyleSC, a Sartorialist-type photoblog of the stylish LA inhabitants of the University of Southern California.

Bernadette is a simple creature – all she wants out of life is to eat, write, dance and talk. But she hasn’t found a way to do all four at once without getting really bad cramps. Other than talking with her mouth full, Bernadette can be found beach-cruisin’ through the brick paths of the University of Southern California as a junior studying Public Relations. It sounds fancy, but all she really wants to do is write to, talk with and help teenagers until she’s wrinkly and gross. Bernadette is involved in a mess of editorial and social media projects, a former “Freshman 15″ and a current Los Angeles correspondent for Seventeen Magazine, but she’s been journaling, blogging and Dear-Abby-ing since she was 8. This San Francisco native is a lot like her hair – crazy, in-your-face, and full of surprises. www.BernadetteAnat.com