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If you are like me, you must be obsessed with skincare. I have spent well over $250 to find which beauty and skincare products work well for me. Everyone’s skin is different: oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. I would say I have oily and acne prone skin, so when it came to trying different types of cleaners and toners on my face, I broke out quite a lot. Most of us reading this have also probably tried the big name brands like Mario Badescu and Glossier, but  might have broken out. So I put together a list of  my favorite must-have products and brands if you’re looking for new recommendations that hopefully do not break you out. 

Paula’s Choice 

After much experimentation with other brands, I decided to splurge on a Paula’s Choice cleanser. I got the pore normalizing cleanser and have not broken out since. It cleared my skin and reduced redness as well. The product contains a very small percentage of salicylic acid, which is known for reducing acne, as it exfoliates the skin. I have not tried any other Paula’s Choice products; however, the reviews and ingredients I have observed for each product seem to be good. I would recommend the brand to a friend.

Glow Recipe

With the social media representation, Glow Recipe is getting its reputation out there. While it is quite pricey, their products are clean and do not contain sulfates or parabens. However, some of their products contain a slight scent, which might be a problem if you have super sensitive skin. From Glow Recipe, I have tried the Watermelon Pink Juice Oil-Free Moisturizer. It had a slight scent and made my skin feel soft afterward. In addition to the clean products, each item comes in cute and aesthetic packaging!


Another brand I tried for moisturizing was Farmacy. I was going for a dewy look after doing a skincare routine, so I tried their Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer. Again, it is quite expensive, so before buying make sure the product gives you what you want. The moisturizer made my skin feel hydrated and not oily. The product also contains niacinamide which is good for your skin as well.


A more affordable, drug store option is Cetaphil. In my early teen years, I saw a dermatologist, and they recommended Cetaphil as it is gentle on everyone’s skin. I’ve tried their facewash and moisturizer and it did the job to keep my skin clear at the time.


Also in my early teen years, the dermatologist also recommended PanOxyl, which is sold at drug stores. They have different percentages of benzoyl peroxide, which works to prevent acne. I first started out with the 4% and it worked wonders. I tried the 10%, however it was too strong and made my skin all dry. See what works for you!

These are just my personal recommendations, however, if you are looking for more product reviews, check out another article here. I hope this helps you save money on your skincare journey!

Sydney Fiorentino is a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering. She has a strong interest in journalism. She likes to sing, walk, and listen to music.
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