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Sarah Politis: Superstar and Host of The PoPo Show

To sum up the craziness that is the life of sophomore Sarah Politis is nearly impossible. The Broadcast Journalism major who hails from Fraser, Michigan is known for having one of the busiest schedules on campus and for taking power naps whenever she can. With her online talk show, The PoPo Show, this Campus Celebrity is working towards making her mark on the entertainment industry. HerCampus USC had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah to hear all about her encounters with some of the biggest names in the business.

HC: So for starters, tell us about the origins of The PoPo Show.
SP: I created the show during my junior year in high school because I was sick of waiting for my dreams to happen and decided that I was just going to start it. I did everything on my own and first started getting guests by crashing events. My very first interview was with Alan Mulally, CEO and president of the Ford Motor Company. I was hanging out in lobby of a Detroit Auto Show charity event and he came out, swarmed by paparazzi, and so I just went up to him and told him about my show, which I had nothing to prove for because I hadn’t had any guests yet. I wrote down my info on a sticky note and he said he’d be a guest. I figured he was just being nice because he was surrounded by a huge group of people. I didn’t hear from him in about a week, so I composed an email and sent it to about 50 ford executives and about 49 of them passed it on to him directly. The next day I got a call from his assistant and she told me that I could come down to Ford’s world headquarters with my crew – which (at the time) was only my parents, my brother, and a teacher from high school. From that moment on things sort of took off because I became “credible.”

HC: Having started the show about three years ago, you must have done some pretty exciting stuff since its start. What would you say has been your favorite memory so far?
SP: I love every interview I do for The PoPo Show because people have completely different stories to share and I try to get people from all different backgrounds. I always try to show them in a positive light. With that being said, I would have to say that one of my favorite interviews was probably with Michael Strahan. Everyone has these misconceptions about how athletes are and to the public he is just a typical athlete. But when I was talking with him you could just sense how kind and genuine he was and what a great person he truly is, which isn’t something that is showcased on the field. It’s definitely a side that you can only see after you really have a conversation with somebody. The part that struck me though was that at the end of the interview, he thanked me, which was interesting because it’s usually me who does the thanking, but he went on to say that it was because it had been the first time anyone ever showed him in a light like that.

HC: How about the most embarrassing experience you’ve had?
SP: This past summer I interviewed George Stephanopoulos at the ABC Studios in New York and it was the hottest day, well over 100 degrees. So I was rushing to the interview because I had a meeting beforehand and was cutting it close. I changed into this really fancy dress and some kick-butt heels, but as I was rushing to the interview my heel snapped. I debated whether or not I should go barefoot, but figured that it may be conceived as disrespectful, so I rushed back to my cousin’s apartment and grabbed a pair of shoes that completely did not match my outfit. I hurried back and got to the interview exactly two minutes early – sweating ridiculously – and then we sat down and started the interview. Towards the end of the interview, I said to him that any time a job opportunity opens up, I’d love to work for him even if it’s shining his shoes and with that he threw his shoe on the table and said, “Oh, that’s not necessary, I wear sneakers” and since we were on the topic of shoes, I told him about my heel fiasco and he started laughing.

HC: What do you hope the show will lead to?
SP: My dream would be to be on TV and reach a larger audience, but the core message of my program is to inspire young people in particular, but also people of all ages to follow their dreams, find their passions and what makes them happy in life. I want to be able to do this, but at the same time make the world a better place along the way. I really hope to provide an outlet for people looking for some sort of inspiration or a role model because I have been so blessed to have such great people in my life and there are so many people out there who don’t have that so this is kind of my way of doing that. Is that a very Miss America answer?

HC: Speaking of role models, who would you say are some of yours? 
SP: My older brother Alex and younger brother J.J. they are two of the coolest guys I know – in fact they are the coolest guys I know. I admire my older brother for his work ethic and his brilliance and my younger brother for his dedication, friendliness, and outgoing personality. Career wise, I look up to Brian Williams because I think he’s impeccable and he’s so good at relaying a serious story while remaining engaging. I also look up to everyone I interview – that’s why I reach out to them – because I’m just as much a fan of them as everyone else is.

HC: What’s going on with The PoPo Show at the moment?
SP: The PoPo show recently got picked up to be on Empower Radio and the show is called Fresh Forward. I host it with my BFF Jordan Foxworthy, and it has been a two-year work in progress, so I’ve been devoting a lot of time to that. It kicked off this summer and it airs live every Wednesday night. It’s a live radio show on which you can access on their website or on a smart phone, which is pretty cool. The show is essentially the same thing that I’ve been doing with The PoPo Show in that I still interview positive role models, but it’s just on the radio.

HC: Thanks so much for your time, Sarah. Anything else you’d like to add?
SP: Check out The PoPo Show at www.thepoposhow.tumblr.com and check out Fresh Forward every Wednesday at 8 PM EST onwww.empoweradio.com! You won’t regret it!

After crawling around Honolulu, Hawaii as a toddler, exploring various cultures in Singapore as an elementary schooler, and roaming the exciting streets of Seoul, Korea as a teenager, Nicole finally made her way to the University of Southern California. Currently a junior Communication major, she's still trying to figure out what exactly it is she wants to do, but is looking to someday be involved with a career that will allow her to incorporate her love for writing, fashion, and the entertainment business. In her downtime, she loves to read blogs, eat sweets, embrace her inner shopaholic, watch movies, swoon over Mad Men, and laugh it up with her friends.
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