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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.

Love Letter to America 



I loved you until my dying days,

loved the court I tried to sway

loved calling on Congress for equal pay 


loved winning six cases 

the court had no feminine faces 

no representation in powerful places 


loved my faith 

loved my children, writing essays when they misbehave 

loved my husband, we can now embrace 


loved the life I fully lived 

loved the remnants of democracy I leave behind 



RBG’s Courageous Spirit 


No more letters, postal service in crisis 

Notorious ACB, deliberately degrading 

“Women support women,” a feminist line Republicans are co-opting 


But feminism isn’t about one woman’s success 

Especially one who works to oppress


Attacking a woman’s right to reproductive health 

When access already limited for those without wealth 


Feminism is about freeing all from discrimination and oppression

Trans women, poor women, immigrant women not just white women in a profession


8 days before the election:

Exposing Republicans’ hypocrisy 

Undermining our democracy 

Alana MacMahon is junior at USC. She is majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in entrepreneurship and loves to write in her free time. Some of her other hobbies include playing the flute and soccer.
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