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Get it, let it roll: My heart has melted from BTS’ new single Butter!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.

Once you become an ARMY, you will always be an ARMY. I have been in love with the internationally-famous Korean pop boy group BTS since 2015. During the early months of quarantine, I became re-obsessed with them since I didn’t have many entertainment options since we were all inside. My infatuation with them has only grown stronger as I keep up with all their social media updates and new videos. I have bought way too many albums, admiring how beautiful their photos are. After impatiently waiting for nearly a month, BTS released their new hit single Butter on May 20th, and I am simply OBSESSED.

Since BTS’ announcement of a new English single on April 26th, I have followed every single update about the song along with millions of other fans. It definitely was a treat waking up to new concept photos and the teaser video posted while I was sleeping. All seven members looked stellar, and I especially adored Jungkook’s purple hair and Jimin’s blonde hair with cotton-candy-colored streaks. As each day passed, I became more and more stoked about a new song that could be blasted during fun summer night drives through LA. 

When May 20th finally arrived, I waited for each second, each minute, each hour to pass until 9 PM PST. My Twitter timeline was becoming super hyped up with anticipation and ready to break various streaming goals. At 8:46 PM, BTS began a countdown premiere, playing games and making ARMYs excited for the music video. 

When 9 PM finally hit, the music video automatically began, and I squealed seeing Jungkook, my favorite member, walk onto the screen. My friend and I watched and reacted to the video together over Zoom. I was definitely trying my best to keep it together. In the first 30 seconds, the video is shot in complete black and white. I thought the entire video would lack color and that I wouldn’t be able to admire their outfits and hair color in their full glory. 

However, the build-up to the chorus is amazing as it switches to color. The boys dance against a colorful orange and purple gradient background, sporting dapper black and white suits. I know ARMYs definitely fainted seeing Jungkook’s long blue hair and eyebrow piercing (which, unfortunately, Jungkook later revealed to be fake!). And the fact he kisses his tattoo (which says ARMY, symbolizing his gratitude and love for his fans) made me swoon. 

Later, when the chorus repeats, they sport colorful tracksuits that totally reminded me of the early 2000s as they dance in a gym. At this point, I was a minute and 30 seconds into the video, and I knew I would be putting this song on repeat. Sometimes when listening to new K-Pop songs, it takes me a few listens to vibe with it, but with BTS that never is the case. They somehow make me fall in love with them more and more, and Butter is no exception to that. 

There is also a heavy synth dance break in which the camera zooms in on each member individually dancing in an elevator. I adored Jimin and J-Hope’s dance moves, RM’s pink hair, V’s gorgeously-fitted orange suit, Jungkook’s short blue ponytail (I screamed), Yoongi’s personality shining through with his chill movements, and Jin’s beautiful gaze (he isn’t nicknamed Worldwide Handsome for nothing!).

The song then transitions to Suga’s and RM’s rap. Similar to Jungkook kissing his ARMY-tatted hand, RM shouts out the fanbase as he raps “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so” with a shot of the other members spelling out ARMY with their bodies, alluding to a 2013 photo of them doing the exact same thing. 

I think my favorite part of the music video is the last time they repeat the chorus as they dance on a stage that reminded me of waffles, which is very fitting for the butter theme. I was obsessed with their coordinating black and yellow suits, and seriously, how do they look good in every outfit possible? It’s unfair. J-Hope finally has a moment to shine, and his smile and charisma, as always, made my heart melt. 

In the final line of the song, as the boys jam out, Jungkook adorably sings, “Get it, let it roll!” coming up to the camera and putting his hand over it. It’s a satisfying ending, and in a quick after shot, we see J-Hope eating a piece of butter. Although he smiles, you can see the pain in his smile, which I thought was hilarious. Later that night, the boys went live, and RM revealed that it took J-Hope an hour to film that one sequence. Poor J-Hope!

After the music video finished, my friend and I sat in silence in shock for a moment. I had no idea what to expect, but I had fallen in love with what I had heard and seen. We immediately added the song to our playlists, obsessing over how our favorite members looked too good. Frankly, they all looked stunning. We soon ended our call, wanting to rewatch the video over and over again on our own.

Reflecting on the song, it really reminded me of their last English release, Dynamite, which was released in August 2020. Both songs are colorful, groovy, and lighthearted, but watching and listening to Butter felt different. The timing of Butter’s release somehow gave me a sense of hope. After over a year of this pandemic, things are slowly going back to normal as more and more people get vaccinated. While I was listening to Dynamite confined in my bedroom, wishing I could experience this song in a roller rink or those cute 1950s-inspired diners, I know I will be able to listen to Butter during endless summer drives around LA as theme parks, restaurants, and museums open up. Butter feels like one step closer to normalcy and fun, and I am sure this addictive song will brighten millions of fans’ and new listeners’ summers! 

Anandi Chowdhury is a junior double majoring in English Literature (Creative Writing) and Cinema and Media Studies at USC. When Anandi is not writing, she is probably rewatching Gossip Girl, listening to BTS, online shopping, or exploring Los Angeles with her friends.
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