First Things That Come to Mind About Kesha's Trial

Musical artist Kesha received the judge’s decision on her court case last week, and it was not the decision she was hoping for. Kesha’s lawsuit was against Lukasz Gottwald, Dr. Luke, who has been her producer with Sony Music for the past decade. She accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her during their time working together, and wanted the judge to grant her an injunction allowing her to be freed of her contract, and therefore, gaining freedom from her abuser. The judge however, did not grant the injunction and instead decided that Kesha must finish out her contract with Sony Music for six more albums. For obvious reasons this decision was incredibly WRONG! It is so sad for me to realize that I live in a country that allows these type of unjust decisions to occur. That being were the first things that came to mind about Kesha’s trial.


  1. Um…WHAT?????????

It’s a SEXUAL ABUSE CASE! Does that mean nothing?


  1. I forgot...we live in a country that only RECENTLY started caring about rape culture...

Literally...America needs to check itself. I sometimes feel like the legal system forgets that sexual assault is a crime...BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS VICTIM SHAME.


  1. Thank god I’m not the only person who thinks this is ridiculous.

The fact that all these popular celebrities have spoken out means so much! So great to see women supporting other women during times of injustice! Especially Demi…

  1. Taylor Swift for real…

Did she really just drop a quarter mil to help Kesha out financially...I mean if I had the money I would too but still...WOW. Props to her! That is what I like to see!


  1. Yasss Kesha! We do support you!

Honestly...this is just proof that she is stronger than the majority of people. I’m so happy that she has so much support to get through this rough time.

Overall, I think it is pretty safe to say that the result of Kesha’s trial is just a really unfortunate example of the injustice that still exists in America. The fact that someone so high profile cannot even get justice against their assaulter makes me worry...what if it was a normal person like me? It’s times like these that we must stand together and speak out, otherwise nothing will change.