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“Fight On” With This Gameday Fanny Pack

Every die-hard Trojan knows that Gameday begins with a “Fight Song” wakeup-call at 7AM, and concludes with a victory celebration late into the evening hours. In order to keep up with the Trojan standards of tailgating, cheering, and celebrating throughout the USC campus all day long, every college girl needs the basic accessory…the classic Gameday fanny pack. Make sure to stock your fanny pack with these essential items so that you can “Fight On” to victory!


USC Student ID

Your USC Student ID card is your ticket past security and into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Guard your ID card with your life. Trojans are always looking to “borrow” an ID for their visiting friend, so they can experience life as a Trojan for the day. It would be a shame to trek all the way to the coliseum, only to be denied, and have to dismally walk all the way back home.



Not only are aviators fashionable, they’re necessary if you intend to follow the plays on the field. With the 3 o’clock sun angled right on the student section, you’ll only recognize a touchdown thirty seconds after everyone starts cheering. Plus, nobody wants to be the one with “squinty” eyes in the Gameday Insta pic.  


Red Lipstick

Red lipstick always gives a girl that extra boost of confidence, especially when it comes to defeating the opposing team. Symbolic of passion, the red further emphasizes your love for your USC football team and fellow Trojans. Keep your lips spirited, and always be ready to re-apply your fav shade of red.



Never underestimate the California sunshine. Under the sun from dawn to dusk in your spaghetti strap body suit or bandeau, make sure to protect your shoulders and face with sunscreen. The opposing team should be the only one feeling the “burn”!


Whether it’s the scorching heat, the pounding bass, potent alcohol, or stressful score, nobody wants to have a headache on one of the best days of the year. Pop an Advil or two, and you’ll be back in the game in no time.



Dancing from fraternity to fraternity, tailgating hard, and cheering in the stands for four hours, drains all the energy out of you. Make sure you’re able to keep “fighting on” with a sustainable granola bar or pack of trail-mix.


Cardinal & Gold Tic-Tacs

Keep your breath both fresh and spirited with the cherry passion flavored cardinal & gold tic-tacs from the bookstore. The last time you brushed your teeth was most likely in the morning before you played beer pong, ate that bacon wrapped Victory Dog, and kissed that good-looking frat boy.   


Portable Phone Charger

Amongst the many Snapchats, Kodak moments, and buzzing GroupMe, there’s no way your cell phone will make it through a whole gameday. Even with “low battery” mode on, you’re going to need a portable phone charger if you want to truly capture gameday.


$15 Cash

Refrain from breaking your college budget or losing your bank account, and leave your credit card in the dorm. $15 is just the right amount of cash. It’s enough to grab a post meal with your squad at Chick-fil-A or Pizza Studio. But not enough to splurge on one of those overly priced USC souvenirs at the coliseum.


Legal ID

Everyone knows you have to make an appearance at the 901 Bar & Grill before, during, or after the game. Always be prepared to show your ID, or else Big Sean won’t budge to let you join the popping party inside.


With your ideal fanny pack around your waist, Song Girl skirt on, pride within, and victory fingers out, you’re ready to conquer a USC Gameday!

Erika is a junior at the University of Southern California. She is majoring in Human Biology, with an emphasis in the Science of Human Performance. She hopes to minor in journalism or communications. When she is not studying, you can catch Erika dancing down the streets of Los Angeles, or writing in her quirky blog. Unlike the average individual, she aspires to leave the California sunshine, and venture to the hustle and bustle of New York City. While there, her dream is to interview and write for a dance magazine, while pursuing her passion as a dancer.
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