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A Brand New Bing: Introducing Sidebar and Snapshot!

Have you ever needed to ask a friend or family member for advice when making a decision? Have you ever needed to do so, but were too lazy to walk over to them or send a text? Well lucky for you, Bing — with help from Facebook — has just created the best possible solution, and you can try it now at www.bing.com/new.

By implementing a new three-column design, Bing has just upped the ante in terms of the search engine world. Through partnering with not only Facebook, but also Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn, Bing offers users standard search results with an added bonus. The sidebar, located on the right side of the window, gives users social results allowing the searcher to get help from friends and experts right within the search window. The middle column, named snapshot, is more about taking action. The feature includes information from maps to reviews, and makes it easier to book hotel rooms or make restaurant reservations.

On top of this great new search experience, Her Campus is co-hosting an event with Bing right here in LA to celebrate! The event will be 18+ and there will be an open bar for the 21+ crowd.

Date: May 31, 2012

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Location: Hemingway’s Lounge, LA Be sure to check out the new features on Bing and register early to attend the LA event (www.regonline.com/newbingla)!

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