6 Must Have Costume Pieces for the Row

This past Monday was Halloween, but more importantly, this past weekend was Halloweekend. Which means multiple nights of Halloween parties and multiple costumes. In my opinion, the best part of Halloween is the dressing up. So on The Row, it is always Halloween!

Every week there are fraternity parties with different themes. Trying to find an original outfit for every theme would be a waste of money and time, especially because many themes have so many similarities. Therefore, I am here to provide a guide to the must have costume pieces for all your party needs!


School Girl Skirt


This skirt does it all, and is a must have for your college costume wardrobe. 90s parties? You can be a character from Clueless. Pop culture parties? You can transform into Britney Spears, just don’t forget the pig-tails or crop blazer. Lambda Academy? You can dress up as the typical school girl! I’m looking at every single frat with this one, because they all have at least one party with this theme a year. It’s a necessary investment.




Neon is not in my everyday wardrobe; it’s just not my style. That being said, it makes it a struggle to dress for parties such as PiKapp Glow. Therefore, I decided that I needed to  invest in at least ONE article of neon clothing. I chose a neon one piece from American Apparel in the color “Slime.” It works for neon parties, as well as 80s parties. Definitely worth it.




My freshman year I stuck to the classic cat ears, and all black look for any animal theme party. However, this year I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit, and invested in an outfit that would surely make a statement: a cheetah print one piece. I am proud to say that I have gotten multiple compliments every time I’ve worn it. It works for jungle theme, Harambe theme, and even can be worn with a jean jacket for an “artsy” look for non row parties. An animal print is a buy you won’t forget.




Without a jersey, I found myself struggling to find outfits for “sporty” parties. Mostly because I don’t go to many sporting events, and authentic sports paraphernalia is super expensive. However, my struggle reached a point where I knew I needed to solve this predicament. I decided to go the cheaper route with this Bulls bodysuit from Forever21. It works for any sports jersey or mathletes vs. athletes parties. You can never “lose” any party with a sports related item.


Game Day


Odds are, if you go to USC you own cute game day gear. However, for those of you who don’t own very much USC clothing, I would highly recommend visiting the bookstore. Being a Trojan it’s important to have USC gear for all tailgates and post game parties. I would recommend the classic Song Girl skirt as a staple. The ones at the Bookstore are a little  expensive, but Hype and Vice has some great options.


Frat Shoes


Not technically a costume piece, more of a necessity. FRAT SHOES. USC parties tend to get very rowdy, therefore it is important to prepare for the worst. There is no escaping the splash zone of red wine or thousands of dancing feet, so embrace reality and buy yourself a cheap pair of tennis shoes to wear to every frat party. Trash them and bash them to your heart’s content!

With all these costume pieces, you are bound to have a blast anytime on The Row!