6 Guys You are Guaranteed to Meet on Tinder

With our society’s reliance on technology, it is no surprise that dating apps are so popular. Why limit yourself to all the people you encounter on a daily basis when you can reach a much wider audience on a dating app? Specifically, the ever popular Tinder. Tinder is basically OkCupid for young people. However, most people you will meet on Tinder are just there for casual hook-ups...not a lasting relationship. That is not to say that all people are looking for something casual; some guys actually do wanna date you on a nice date. Or that just want more followers on instagram (yes guys actually do ask you to follow them...pathetic).


Nevertheless, whether a guy is looking for a hook-up or a girlfriend, all the guys on Tinder can be placed under one of seven categories. To each their own, but at least be aware of what type of profile you are looking at before swiping right.


1)The Beefcake

His profile probably consists of shirtless mirror pics of him. Maybe the occasional gym pic or pouty selfie. You will be inclined to swipe right, but I caution you. Take a look at the description in his bio. Odds are there will be something misogynistic or narcissistic about his bio. And the tattoo he has on his chest (because there ALWAYS is one) is probably dumb anyways.


2)  Lil Nerd

Now I don’t have anything against someone with “nerdy” interests, because I am quite a geek myself, but these guys tend to make their interests very prominent in their profiles. It is highly likely that there is a picture of them with their gamer headset on (most likely this is a selfie) or a picture of them in some type of cosplay. If they don’t include a picture displaying their interests, odds are they listed what fandoms they are in (Whovian, Brony, etc). If you have corresponding interests you will know pretty easily which is nice.


3) Mr. Aesthetic

He is probably a cinema major or goes to concerts for underground indie bands all the time. His photos make him look artsy and cool, only adding to his already standard attractive qualities. You probably would have some really great conversations with this guy, but first you need to get him to swipe right for you. These guys always have pretty high standards.


4) The Greek God

You will see this guy’s profile and not swipe immediately...because you will take a moment to stare at his picture. If he has an instagram in his bio you probably will follow, because you know that the odds of him swiping right on you are pretty low, and you aren’t ready to stop looking at him. His profile probably consists of his amateur, or actual, modeling pictures that really seem to capture the essence of his magnificent jawline. If for some chance you guys do match, odds are he will never message first. But at least you can reference his profile and show off to your friends that you matched with him!


5) The ???

The are always those guys who are so strange that you take a moment to look at their profile. Whether it be the crazy eyes they have in their picture, or the fact that they only have one picture that isn’t even of them, something about the profile makes you slightly uncomfortable and want to swipe left immediately. You may even question if it’s just a joke profile because it is so creepy. Usually the creepiness level is added to by the fact that they either have nothing written in their bio, or have something that could be construed as sexual.


6)  The Normal Guy

Every once in awhile, you will come across a guy who actually looks normal. He looks like someone you could have gone to high school with, or maybe a guy who is in one of your lectures in college. His bio is something that makes you chuckle a bit and his pictures are pretty standard cute boy pictures. This guy is overall pretty unassuming and probably will message you first saying how beautiful you are.