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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USC chapter.
  1. The “Confrontation” Method

You tell them exactly what is wrong, and why they are not for you. This method is for the “realest” out there who like to get straight to the point and not waste anytime.  

2. The “Fade Away” Method

Some of you may be wondering just that. What is this “fade away” method? This is for those of you who do not like to deal with confrontation and would rather shove their problems under a rug. The fade away is simple. Start acting less interested during your hangouts, become less available to hangout, and text them less and less. Eventually, they will get the point and you slide out of your relationship.

3. The “Become Disgusting” Method

If you are too nice to hurt someone’s feelings, then why don’t you make yourself less appealing so you convince THEM to want to dump YOU. This way, you get what you want and you look like the good guy.

4. The “I Can’t Fight My Own Battles” Method

Have your best friend go tell them that it just isn’t working out between you two. That way you don’t have to watch them cry, risk giving in, or do it yourself! (Not recommended, but this is an option).

5. The “Excuse” Method

Tell them that you are too busy with school, need to focus on sports, your grandma needs you around more, or any other excuse you can think of. This will allow them to feel more comfortable moving forward because they will forever think “it wasn’t them, it was you.”