5 Reasons to Watch Netflix's Emily in Paris

Prior to the pandemic, I absolutely adored traveling all around the world. I loved exploring new sights, eating delicious food, and taking endless photos. However, due to quarantine, I have been confined to my room, scrolling through old travel pictures and wishing I could transport myself back to happier times. Lately, I have been rewatching shows like Gossip Girl and The OC and living vicariously through the characters’ dramatic lives in New York City and Newport Beach. 

In early October, Netflix released its newest original series Emily In Paris. I devoured it in two days. Written by Darren Starr, creator of Sex and the City, and starring the talented Lily Collins, the show consists of 10 30-minute episodes filled with soapy drama and fun jokes, making it the perfect lighthearted show to watch during quarantine. Here are 5 reasons why Emily In Paris should be the next TV show you binge!

1. The Parisian Backdrop

This was honestly the main reason I decided to watch this show. The show captures Paris beautifully, and you will wish you could pick up a freshly-baked pain au chocolat from the local boulangerie on your way to work. Or wear a beautiful gown to a classy party, drinking champagne while the Eiffel Tower sparkles in the background. Or explore the artsy streets of Montmartre. Seriously, this show will make you question when quarantine will be over just so you can book the next flight to Paris. 

2. The Fashion

People on social media do seem to have different opinions about Emily’s fashion, but she definitely does have some iconic outfits. Does she have room for improvement? Yes. But I did love her black and white plaid blazer and shorts with a red beret outfit as well as her hot pink, Barbie-esque ensemble. Her fashion is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

3. The Gorgeous Love Interest

Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo, is the new man of my dreams. Living one floor below Emily’s apartment, Gabriel is a French chef who aspires to have his own restaurant. With his swoon-worthy French accent and gorgeous personality, I promise you will fall head over heels in love with Gabriel just like Emily does. 

4. The Fun Friendships

While Gabriel is beautiful, men aren’t everything. Emily makes amazing girlfriends such as Mindy and Camille. Mindy, a nanny, will make you laugh, while the sweet Camille will add more drama to Emily’s life in ways you’ll have to find out by watching the show! Emily’s friendships with these girls will make you want to be in a foreign city with your friends right now, exploring a new art gallery or eating at a cute Instagrammable cafe.

5. The Drama

Emily not only faces romantic dilemmas but workplace troubles that will remind you of The Devil Wears Prada. There will be scandalous affairs, strange hookups, and many fashion fiascos. Since quarantine began, my life really hasn’t been that eventful, so seeing Emily’s drama-filled life was a fun escape for a few hours.

Overall, Emily In Paris is a fun show and will provide a good escape from reality for a solid 5 hours. Since we can’t travel right now, Emily In Paris is the closest thing to experiencing Paris right from our laptops in bed!