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Fight or Flight: A Poem


This question haunts me

Makes me realize that I have a choice more often than not

Do I want to fight?

Or do I want (to take) flight?

Am I brave?

Or am I scared?


Why am I scared?

Why am I always scared?

My head calculating ten things at any given second

Or am I just that insecure?

Insecure in what?

In having options?

In having a say?

In what people think of me?


Sometimes there isn’t an option for flight

Are you tired of never having an option to run because life just gives you yet another reason to fight?

Like the woman bringing her child into this world

You can’t skip the pain

You can’t put a pause on labor in order to run away with a child halfway between your legs.

Take the fallen soldier

Would you stay down?

Risk losing your life because you didn’t want to fight anymore?

Risk the intolerable emotional distress of loved ones upon losing you?

What about the student in professional school?

Worked so hard to get to where they are

Almost there

Almost a doctor

Almost a lawyer

Almost an artist

Do you bury your head in the sand when it gets too much?

Or do you fight to get to the end?

To get your degree

To finally be able to put a real stethoscope around your neck


Fight or flight?

Life’s hardest question

How do you determine what’s worth your fight?


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